Discover your Fragrance Journey and find your way home…

‘Design your Fragrance Journey and find your way home’ is one of the strap lines of the wonderful Design In Scent created by Gemma Hopkins which we blogged about when Gemma launched back in 2015.

I am a great believer in how scents can transport an experience and take you back to a special day (or indeed not such special ones – who else is old enough to remember 1970’s school dinners!)?

I was also transported in my own way as I walked down the aisle to Jon & Vangelis’ ‘I’ll Find My Way Home’ just over 17 years ago.

Now with Gemma having been joined by the lovely Meghan Fay, these two ladies are taking Design In Scent from strength to strength.

‘Scent is mischievous. Each droplet contains an unpredictable and entirely unapologetic rebellion that interrupts all rational thinking and fills us with feeling. In this fast, too often detached digital age, that for me makes exploring the sense of smell crucial.’ – Gemma Hopkins

The ladies have a fabulous new Wedding Collection comprised of four ‘Fragrance Journeys’ for couples to wear, scent their wedding with and gift to loved ones. Each of their ‘Journeys’ contains three fragrances: a feminine Eau de Parfum, a masculine Eau de Parfum and what they describe as a ‘Union ambience fragrance’ which fuses the two.

The idea is that it represents a couple’s life journey, i.e. them as individuals coming together as one.

‘Scent gives us the chance to bottle a memory, a feeling, and the fleeting moments of life we cherish so much.” – Meghan Fay

Here at ternevents we were delighted to receive a sample box of these fragrances and cannot wait to share them, and the entire idea, with clients and colleagues here in Jersey.

Thank you so much Gemma and Meghan – such a wonderful concept!