My Story

It was a dreary day in the office in the West End.

That morning, I could smell the coffee brewing in the expensive machine and I loved the feel of the high heels and the new, state of the art laptop, but it suddenly hit me: that was all I loved about the job and I very much needed to do something I loved.

I’d been in international marketing for US and UK retail finance companies for 12 years and had enjoyed it for a long time, but there was something missing. Having hankered after running my own business for years on and off, and knowing it had to be something which made me feel I’d make a difference, I filled in an online questionnaire, which suggested ‘Party Planning’.

I initially laughed out loud, and listened to my colleagues ‘We have people who do that’ they said, ‘Why give up a good salary and the free international travel?’

So I stayed.

A month later, I attended a friend’s wedding and realised ‘the computer was right’.

Straightening a few items on the tables, smoothing the linen and giving the bride a hug, I recognised that weddings, parties, indeed all events and celebrations, matter enormously to the people who host them. Those responsible for making events happen should understand their importance and the need for the best possible result.

So I left.

That was 2001. After much research and with a little trepidation I set up my first event planning business in 2002.

I mastered my craft quickly and went on to design numerous beautiful weddings and events throughout London and the South East over the last 14 years.

I am also delighted to be co-owner of the wedding planning industry body, the UKAWP, and have trained hundreds of planners and contributed to their success. As membership director I get to know them well and love nurturing them and seeing them succeed.

At the start of 2016, I moved the business to Jersey when my husband landed a great job and we decided a new adventure was in order!

I’ve always shared with my children the mantra ‘I can be anything I want and live the life I dream’. Now I can truly say I’m there myself.

When I’m not planning I love good food, a good book, spending time and holidays with my husband and hanging out with my two teenagers (when they’ll let me) and, needless to say, I really do love my job!