Do you need a wedding planner?

I believe you want to feel incredible on your wedding day. Do you need a wedding planner in order to achieve this? Maybe, maybe not.

Do you need a wedding planner?

I feel it’s a very reasonable question to ask, especially amongst the kind of clients I myself like best to work with. These are generally highly educated, intelligent, organised people who, almost invariably, are perfectly capable of pulling an event together.

That said, they are also busy.

Often they choose to work with me because they have considered some of the following questions, which might just help you decide too….

Do I have a really good, reliable team around me?

Well I hope the answer is yes. For a start there are the two of you getting married, plus families, plus bridal party etc.

Do you need a wedding planner

However much as these might be your nearest and dearest, how many other commitments do they, as well as you, have?

Do you need a wedding planner

Do you feel they will be able to free up enough time to work on specifics such as supplier research and meetings, establishing guests’ transportation etc?

Am I highly organised and good at sticking to deadlines?

I bet you are in whatever line of work you’re in, or when it comes to children or anyone else you are responsible for.

Do you need a wedding planner?

Do you feel you’ll have time to be just as organised over your wedding planning?

Where am I getting married?

If you are having a reception at home you may feel quite comfortable doing your own planning, layouts etc, especially if you have previously held large scale parties or events in the same space.

Do you need a wedding planner?

For those getting married some way from home, abroad or in an area you can’t visit very often over the planning period, finding time and energy to research suppliers local to your venue then meet with them, take them to your venue etc, can be time consuming and stressful.

Being based in Jersey, I work with many clients who live in the UK, Europe or further afield.

Do you need a wedding planner?

Amongst others I’m currently working with clients based in Dubai, London and Frankfurt.

Do you have a friend who will organise the day itself?

This needs to be someone who isn’t part of the bridal party and is happy not to drink or relax much on the big day, as that is inevitably when things might go wrong.

Do you need a wedding planner

It’s a big ask.

And then perhaps the most pertinent question of all….

Do I want to plan this myself or not?

Most of my clients know what they want and indeed what they don’t and frequently they frankly don’t get much of a kick out of pulling it all together themselves.

Do you need a wedding planner?

Be honest with yourself.

If you want your perfect day to be brought together so it ends as happily as this image, but really don’t either know how to make the design and logistics happen, or indeed want to, the whole thing could become quite a chore.

Food for thought I hope.

Wishing everyone very happy planning x

Do you need a wedding planner?

Image Credits: Max & Ollie from Studio M, Kate Nielen, Zoe C Photography.