Midsummer Fairytale Ball

Mike’s direct marketing business was about to be 10 years old, but that wasn’t the only reason to celebrate…

There was also the small matter of he and his wife having been married 25 years and the birthdays of their two daughers, known for the evening as ‘Snowy & Cinders’.

ternevents sourced suppliers to put Mike’s ever creative vision into place, turning the garden into  Shrek’s swamp, the woods behind the house into an enchanted forest and the marquee into, of course, ‘The Castle from Far, Far Away’, aided enormously by a selection of fabulous props from Keeley Hire and the lighting prowess of BDJC Events.

Mike’s team created a website via which his wife Kate, aka ‘Her Wickedness the Queen’, invited colleagues and friends to decide upon their character, thus ensuring no duplications. Snowy’s dwarves were not required as we hired two fabulous little people from Dwarf Management who helped our super Medieval serving wenches circulate with evil looking (nevertheless seriously tasty) canapes then a Medieval feast.

Albeit the fearfully British weather contributed to the ever increasing authenticity of the swamp as the evening went on, guests were not deterred from dancing the night away and climbing aboard the mystical bucking unicorn provided by Rio Rodeo.

‘Thank you so much for all your hard work. Kate Hampton’