Providing an attractive vanity area

Once the bigger elements of your wedding or party plans are sorted, it’s nice to think about the softer touches, a thoughtful one of which can be providing an attractive vanity area for your guests.

vanity area for your guests

We all know how lovely it is when we go to a high end restaurant or club and discover all the basic toiletries and a couple of perfume bottles in the Ladies’.

Well, why not do the same for your guests?

vanity area for your guests

People can get really hot and bothered, especially at Summer, outdoor do’s, so what would be nicer than to escape for a few minutes and discover you can retouch your make-up, respray your up-do and generally freshen up?


If you have room, either in your venue’s powder room, or in an attractive vanity area near your hired toilets, install a dressing table (this can be a simple table, stool and mirror) for your guests’ comfort – and indeed your own!


To give you a few ideas, here are some of the items I tend to take along to my clients’ events…

Emergency Kit for Weather-2

Image credits: Mary Hennessy & Mark Wallis