The number one thing I’m asked about planning weddings

The number one thing I’m asked about planning weddings is probably not what you think it is.

It’s not ‘don’t you wish you were planning your own again’, nor is it anything to do with ‘the pretty’.

What people actually ask me most often is ‘Isn’t it terribly stressful?’

The number one thing I'm asked about planning weddings

Well, of course it would be if I didn’t properly plan.

You see if you plan something well, and you know what you’re doing, it isn’t stressful, it’s fun!

In my Facebook Community ‘The Emboldened Bride’ yesterday, in my Wedding Worry Wednesday post, a bride suggested you need someone with military operations experience to run a wedding.

That made me smile.

But the lovely lady has a point.

I don’t profess to have Army training but I am super organised and that’s really the key to stress free wedding planning.

And you can be organised too!

My key nuggets of advice are:

  • Come up with an overall vision of what you want and refer back to it at every stage
  • Put together a comprehensive timeline or project plan – if you are in my Facebook Community you will find a free download under Files)
  • Agree a budget and allocate amounts to each key element of the wedding – it’ll change but you can update as you go along
  • Get help – put together a small, reliable team of friends and family to become your wedding team
  • Get really clear on who you want there to create your guest list
  • Make a list of what you want in a venue and your suppliers before you start looking and check your date is available before organising meetings
  • Learn how to deal with others’ interference¬†kindly but firmly
  • Create an easy to follow schedule for your day and share with suppliers and your team of helpers
  • Ensure someone has all key contact details and lists of everything you’ve organised such as photos, flowers and transportation
  • Prepare in advance as much as possible – think place names for each table into correct order; details of who’s clearing what afterwards sent to all concerned.

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