Themed Events in Jersey with ternevents

Thinking about themed events in Jersey? Read on…

Clients sometimes panic when I talk about choosing a theme for their event or wedding.

I know from those I have worked with that the mere mention of a ‘theme’ can conjure up images of well known movies, OTT characters from fiction or movies and Heaven knows what else.

Not that the former are remotely a problem and indeed we have, over the years, planned events involving fairytale characters and even Elvis himself!

Themed events in Jersey, fairytale ball themed events in jersey, castle from far far away

themed events in jersey - Chinese wedding

However usually for ternevents a ‘theme’ for a corporate event, party or wedding means a colour palette, specific fonts and logos or an overall nod towards ‘Summertime’, ‘Medieval’, ‘Winter Wonderland’ etc.

themed events in Jersey - purple lighting

The way we work with our clients to pull a theme together is fun and interactive.

Following our consultation in which a client will brief us about event goals, key stakeholders and other guests, initial ideas etc, we will work on a number of inspiration boards. We usually work via Pinterest, which allows the boards to be kept secret from anyone other than ourselves, our client and anyone else they wish to involve (suppliers as we appoint them, for example).

themed events in Jersey - ternevents

If you are struggling with ideas for any of your events in Jersey, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We offer a free initial consultation and thereafter a variety of services.

Our preference is to work with you on your project from the outset, however we also offer day and week rates for consultancy, should you wish to gain some insight then organise your event yourselves.