Wedding Emergency Kit – Feet

As promised, we are continuing our short series of posts giving tips about useful items to include in your emergency kit – today we discuss feet, both yours and those of your guests.

We all know that weddings, albeit wonderful, can be taxing on the feet. I make no excuse for the image of two lovely ladies dancing, as I have yet to be asked by a gent for any kind of foot relief.


Before we look at sore feet (not literally, I assure you) I absolutely love Clean Heels which stop us from sinking into the grass and, importantly, save our newly purchased footwear from muddy ruin.


No matter how many times I remind my wonderful clients to wear in their new shoes, I usually get a tap on the shoulder early evening when the dancing is soon to commence.

We all do it – think our feet will ‘hold out this time’, but the pain is our body’s warning system and we would do well to take heed.


Simple emergency kit items for feet in my book include:

  • old fashioned wraparound plasters – worst case you can bind your feet for the evening if you must keep those heels on
  • corn plasters
  • Compeed (I am sure other super brands exist but have yet to find one) blister plasters
  • alternative footwear (there comes a time when a girl has to give in) such as ballet pumps, flip flops or espadrilles

Take these simple items along to your big day and your guests will love you forever…

Feet Emergency kit

Happy planning!

Image credits: Max and Ollie at Studio_M.