Your Wedding Emergency Kit – part one

If your wedding is fast approaching you are probably furiously scheduling and double checking, but have you put together a wedding emergency kit?

emergency kit

Now, we are not suggesting you are going to have any disasters, but unforeseen things can happen when many are gathered and alcohol is flowing!

We are great believers in planning (well, of course we are) and generally we find the more you anticipate what might go wrong, the less likely it is to happen.

emergency kit

Here at ternevents we have a huge wedding emergency kit, but over the next couple of weeks we’ll suggest a few ‘must have’s’ to think about.

emergency kit

The first, and for many brides the most important, is your dress kit.

We would suggest the following essentials to keep your mind at rest…..

Emergency kit

Watch this space for other wedding emergency kit ideas over the next few weeks.


Photo credits: Kate Nielen