Older Wedding Guests – Wedding Worries

How to entertain Older Wedding Guests

Today we continue our series looking at some of the concerns raised by couples when we help them plan their weddings. We look at older wedding guests.

Most weddings need to cater to a fairly wide variety of ages and, whereas we often spend lots of time thinking about what to do with and for the children at a wedding, what about the older generation?

Speaking as someone whose paternal Grandmother flatly refused to come to my wedding, because, in her own words, ‘I can’t see properly to eat and I don’t want to make a spectacle of myself and ruin your big day’ this is quite close to my heart.

How to entertain older wedding guests - ternevents

Older wedding guests

As with all guests, it is simply a case of thinking of peoples’ needs and catering to them. From experience the following can make such a difference to an older guest:

  • make sure tea and coffee are available most of the day: often this is far more important than the bar being constantly open
  • provide comfortable seating at each stage of the day, from ceremony, through drinks reception, meal and of course in the evening
  • ensure seating in the evening is available away from noisy music: bands can play havoc with hearing aids and people like to be able to catch up quietly with relatiives
  • think of older guests within your menu planning as softer, easily digestible alternatives can make a big difference
  • make absolutely sure, in advance, that older guests have transport with family or friends to and from the wedding
These simple, thoughtful ideas, alongside simply asking your older relatives what would make their day easier, make for a fun day for all, rather than a long day which your Great Aunt worries about for weeks in advance.
Happy planning, as ever, from Team Tern!