Children at Weddings – Wedding Worries

What should we do with children at our wedding?

Today we start our short, sharp and to the point series of quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions and eternal wedding worries raised by so many of our clients over the years. To kick off, children at weddings.

What should we do with and for children if we have them at our wedding?

Very simply, if you decide to invite children, do so smilingly and accept that they can be noisy and somewhat unpredictable, but can also bring joy and fun to your day and your guests.

What should we do with children at our wedding? - ternevents

Flower girl on the run

  • Give them food they want to eat and something fun to drink which makes them feel special, but won’t fill them with sugar
  • Provide simple ‘wedding bags’ at the table, suitable for each child’s age – don’t include chocolate, felt tipped pens or other messy objects!
  • If you have outside space, ensure they can run around safely and have something fun to play or do
  • If possible, have somewhere youngsters can nap
  • Give older children something to do which makes them feel involved, such as handing round a guest book or ensuring guests know where they are sitting

If you have large numbers of children, there are some fabulous wedding creche companies, such as Artfull Splodgers, but with a little imagination, planning and parental involvement, you can also do it yourself.

Enjoy your day and ensure the little ones do too.

Happy planning from Team Tern!

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