When did getting married get so complicated?

This is a question I have heard time and again over the last couple of years, often from couples’ parents, but also from couples themselves – and it’s a good question….

Actually, I don’t think getting married should be complicated, but we, the industry, can perhaps make it seem so, as can all the emotions it brings up amongst our friends and family.

bridal coaching

The whole thing can become overwhelming, rather than the most wonderful time of planning something which kicks off the rest of our lives together.

Having planned weddings for 16 years I’ve seen all sorts – of trends, of changes, of issues, of legalities, of worries, of ….. I could go on….

The one overarching thing which hasn’t faltered is that, with all my clients, they have wanted a day which reflects them and welcomes their nearest and dearest, regardless of location, budget, age or anything else.

However, sometimes pulling everything together and dealing with family dramas, money issues, conflicting views of what your day ‘should’ be like, etc can be really draining and put quite a dampener on your planning.

Having coached and guided many a bride and groom through difficulties and objections over the years and having been asked for help by numerous brides wishing to plan their own weddings but wanting a bit of professional guidance in the background, I have launched a new bridal coaching Facebook Group ‘The Emboldened Bride‘.

bridal coaching

This is to be a safe space for brides, and grooms, to raise questions and ask for help.

I plan to build a friendly bridal community and will give guidance and help via Facebook Live events and ongoing support to those asking questions in the group.

My goal is for everyone in the group to gain some free bridal coaching and to feel confident in planning their wedding and in negotiating the pitfalls and difficulties which can arise along the way.

Here’s to everyone achieving their perfect day and looking as happy as these few recent clients of mine did above.

I look forward to seeing you in the group and helping you in any way I can.


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