So you’ve been engaged a whole month…

So you’ve been engaged a whole month… where did that time go?

We speak to a lot of couples at this time of year, who got engaged around Valentine’s Day, or maybe Christmas/ New Year, and are suddenly beginning to think about the task ahead.

The first excitement and mass communication is done, so now it’s time to make this thing happen.

So here are a few simple pointers to get you going…

How long have you got?

As soon as you set a date, or even a ‘desired date’, you know how long you’ve got to achieve ‘project wedding’. Ten, eleven, twelve months? Whatever that figure it may sound large now, but it goes fast!

So you've been engaged a whole month

So, start putting a simple timeline or project plan together.

So you've been engaged a whole month

What will you spend?

You can see I’m not asking the fun/ pretty questions here, but rather those which will drive the project forward and focus your minds.

It is very hard to kick off your wedding planning without knowing what your budget is. Talk to anyone contributing and sit down and work out what the overall figure is – you will definitely feel better once you’ve done this.

So you've been engaged a whole month

The total then needs to be broken down into high level ‘chunks’ to be allocated to each element. If you would like help allocating these please contact and I will send you a simple spreadsheet of average allocations to work with.

Who will help you?

You may decide to work with a professional planner, however if you don’t, or feel you cannot, you will need a trustworthy group of family and friends around you.

Do you need a wedding planner 3

Pick carefully. Your nearest and dearest may be perfect planners, but they also may not be. Approach people who will do what they say in the timescales you hope for.

So you've been engaged a whole month

Which elements are key for you two?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of looking at ‘all the lovely’ on blogs, in magazines, at wedding fayres etc, but what really matters to you? Think about what will leave your guests saying ‘Ah, yes, their wedding was sooooooo them’?

So you've been engaged a whole month

If you need a little help kicking your plans off, building a set of spreadsheets and checklists, we offer consultancy by the hour, either face to face if you are local or via Skype.

This can be very useful when you begin and/ or if you become stuck or want someone to review your plans, your desired suppliers’ T&Cs or anything else which may be concerning you.

Just contact if you would like to discuss this.

Happy planning all!

So you've been engaged a whole month

Photo Credits: Kate Nielen, Max & Ollie at Studio M.